Book a Session

Sessions are about 2 hours long and are charged at £125 per session.

NHS/BUPA Clients: Please ask your GP for a referral

Appointments are generally available at the following times:
Mondays: 9am, 1pm, 4pm
Tuesday: 9am, 1pm, 4pm (evening available)
Wednesday: 9am

Clients are expected to telephone/email in each week for progress reports and discussion of the assignments that they have been set. Should a second session be required, this is discussed after 2-4 weeks.

Please telephone: 07838 387580

Here is the assessment form - when filling it in, please be generous with the information supplied as it helps me out greatly. You can either fill this in and send it over to me, or contact me first to discuss things.

If leaving a telephone message please speak slowly and repeat your number to give me a fighting chance of writing it down rather than having to go through the lengthy message ten times to try to decipher it.

Please be aware that clients who are either late or fail to show are rarely offered a second appointment and will always be charged the full rate, or shot, depending on my mood.